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Brant Croucher – Blanco County Lights

Working with local musicians is one of the things that we strive to do… but getting timing, budget and talent to all converge at the same time is harder than it seems. Local Houston musician Brant Croucher met up with us and pitched an idea to do a set of recordings that would not just go along with with brand new record release but also be something he can pass along to venues and booking agents when trying to show people what his music sounds like.

Brant sourced an old venue in The Heights called the Boom Boom Room. Small and intimate and a killer piano. We laid down 3 songs.. 1 was solo on the piano and 2 included the great addition of Jack Saunders.

I think what we walked away with is absolutely killer. Brant Croucher is an amazing writer, second only to his ability to perform. I really think we captured the heart of these songs in a way that will compliment the full record versions.

I hope you love Brant Croucher as much as we do. Here are his recordings and if you like them then feel free to buy his record straight from iTunes.

Brant Croucher – Blanco County Lights

Brant Croucher – Free Will

Brant Croucher – When You Come To Me