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Kickstarter Campaign: Drew Kennedy

It starts with a spark: a word, a sight, a sound, an idea. Those sparks become songs. The songs become recordings. An album is born. ~ Drew Kennedy

In mid 2012, Drew Kennedy approached us to help him with the video portion of his kickstarter campaign which would ultimately fund his next big studio record. Drew is a very creative guy, so the planning and brainstorming sessions were extremely fun! We ultimately decided on 2 separate video ideas… a more serious, from the heart, statement about himself and the record and then a more whimsical video that would be released mid campaign as a way to keep it in front of everyone without getting on everyone’s nerves.

As we were cutting some audio voiceover in his living room, inspiration struck and we rolled right into a new song off the record. We were able to film it and then incorporate that song recording into the campaign as well. Above is the main Kickstarter video, and below is the secondary video followed by the song recording.

Learn more about Drew Kennedy on his website and read up on the successful ($17,000) Kickstarter campaign here.