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When Little Brave brought up the idea of doing some simple recordings that showed the strength of her writing and music, it only took a single phone call to plan out with how we wanted to record. Firelight is about taking a song and stripping back every single thing about it.

Little Brave took a few of her songs and broke them down to just vocals, a baritone ukulele and harmonies, while we found a location void of artificial sound and lit only by a single fire. What resulted was a rare performance that any fan of music would be lucky to see just once in their lifetime.

All songs are single takes with no overdubs and all heart.

We hope you love them.

Liner Notes

The Players

Little Brave - Vocals/Baritone Ukulele
Nicolette Good - Harmonies
Daniel Thomas Phipps - Harmonies


Ryan Hargrave - Director/Co-Producer/Editor/Colorist
Alex Adamitis - Sound Engineer/Mixing/Mastering/Co-Producer


Chris King
Ben Hester
Ryan Hargrave


Little Brave

Additional Crew & Location

Amber Burris
K Phillips