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Gibson Backroom Bootleg Sessions: Nov 2012

Gibson operates a Showroom in Austin, TX that’s main purpose is to support musicians and spread the news of how great their guitars are. Part of that support is bringing musicians in to film and record songs as part of a Backroom Bootleg Session. With a single camera shoot and a multi-track recording of the audio, we provide Gibson, and the musicians, with a great quality video for however they’d like to use it.

This month we shot Jonny Burke, Dustin Welch, Mike Ethan Messick, Blue Bear & Brett Hauser

Jonny Burke – Chloe

Dustin Welch – Across The Rubicon

Mike Ethan Messick – Serenade

Mike Ethan Messick – Serenade

Blue Bear – Homesick Ways

Brett Hauser – Letting Me In